Brushing teeth with braces

How Do I Remove Food from My Braces without Brushing?

At Pure Smiles Orthodontics in Austin, Texas, we want our patients to know how to clean braces effectively when they don’t have access to a toothbrush. While we recommend carrying a small tube of toothpaste along with a travel toothbrush with you to keep your brackets and wires looking nice, it is possible to forget these dental care items. One of the best ways to remove food from your braces without brushing is by swishing water around in your mouth after eating a meal or snack.

Woman with adult braces smiling

5 Reasons Adult Braces Are Worth It

If you think you missed your chance to have braces when you became an adult, think again. More people are now getting braces long after they’ve turned 18. Several celebrities< are proof of this, with Faith Hill, Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage and Gwen Stefani being just a few of the famous people who got braces as adults. Here's why so many adults have found that braces are worth wearing.